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SubjectRe: ACPI issues on cold power on [bisected]
On Fri, Dec 08, 2017 at 03:11:59PM +0000, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> I've been sitting on this for a while and should have spent time to
> investigate sooner, but it's been an odd failure mode that wasn't quite
> obvious.
> In 4.9 if I cold power on my laptop (Dell E7240) it fails to boot - I
> don't see anything after grub says its booting. In 4.10 onwards the
> laptop boots, but I get an Oops as part of the boot and ACPI is unhappy
> (no suspend, no clean poweroff, no ACPI buttons). The Oops is below;
> taken from 4.12 as that's the most recent error dmesg I have saved but
> also seen back in 4.10. It's always address 0x30 for the dereference.
> Rebooting the laptop does not lead to these problems; it's *only* from a
> complete cold boot that they arise (which didn't help me in terms of
> being able to reliably bisect). Once I realised that I was able to
> bisect, but it leads me to an odd commit:
> 86d9f48534e800e4d62cdc1b5aaf539f4c1d47d6
> (mm/slab: fix kmemcg cache creation delayed issue)
> If I revert this then I can cold boot without problems.
> Also I don't see the problem with a stock Debian kernel, I think because
> the ACPI support is modularised.


Sorry for late response. I was on a long vacation.

I have tried to solve the problem however I don't find any clue yet.

From my analysis, oops report shows that 'struct sock *ssk' passed to
netlink_broadcast_filtered() is NULL. It means that some of
netlink_kernel_create() returns NULL. Maybe, it is due to slab
allocation failure. Could you check it by inserting some log on that
part? The issue cannot be reproducible in my side so I need your help.


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