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SubjectRE: [2/4] crypto: af_alg - Allow arbitrarily long algorithm names" email-alg_bind.txt
I found this patch by accident and it got my attention.
I think we can't make this name arbitrarily long because bind syscall checks addrlen before feeding protocol with it.
Current limit on my machine is 128 bytes and I can't even reach alg_bind() function if I specify more than that.
We may want to revert that.

SYSCALL_DEFINE3(bind, int, fd, struct sockaddr __user *, umyaddr, int, addrlen)
struct socket *sock;
struct sockaddr_storage address;
int err, fput_needed;

sock = sockfd_lookup_light(fd, &err, &fput_needed);
if (sock) {
err = move_addr_to_kernel(umyaddr, addrlen, (struct sockaddr *)&address);

int move_addr_to_kernel(void __user *uaddr, int ulen, struct sockaddr_storage *kaddr)
if (ulen < 0 || ulen > sizeof(struct sockaddr_storage))
return -EINVAL;


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