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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 5/6] cpufreq: schedutil: relax rate-limiting while running RT/DL tasks
On 30/11/17 15:54, Patrick Bellasi wrote:
> On 30-Nov 14:36, Juri Lelli wrote:


> > I wonder if we would also need some way to trigger a back to back update
> > as soon as a currently running one finishes and an RT/DL task asked for
> > an update (without waiting for the next tick).
> Good point, I think that would actually be an interesting
> optimization. We already discussed that in the past, but refrained by
> adding more on top of this already "substantial" set of changes.
> Can we think about that once we decided about some patches of this
> series?

Definitely yes for me. One bit at a time. :)



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