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Subject[PATCH v5] lib: optimize cpumask_next_and()
> So I think it really worth to be separated patch. Really, it's
> completely nontrivial why adding new function in lib/find_bit.c
> requires including asm-generic/bitops/find.h in arm and uncore32
> asm/bitops.h headers (bug?). And why doing that makes you guard
> find_first_bit and find_first_zero_bit (another bug?).

OK, I'll send a separate patch for this.

> Linux-next is your choice.
> [...]
> Again. test_find_next_and_bit is trimmed, but it is still based on
> get_cycles and uses tabs in printf(). Please fix it.

OK, I'll send a version of the patch rebased against linux-next.

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