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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] ALSA: nm256: Fine-tuning for three function implementations
>> Can you get the impression that the shown transformation patterns were
>> correctly applied for the source file “sound/pci/nm256/nm256.c”?
> Have you tested the driver?

Which results do you expect from a corresponding system test?

> Please don't "improve" working drivers unless

I am trying to improve software components also for devices to which
I have not got direct access so far.

> Patches like this are known to cause regressions.

Do you prefer to keep this software area “frozen” anyhow?

> If the hardware is rare (like the NM256), the regression can hit years later
> when someone with such HW upgrades distro (e.g. Debian stable).

Have you got any resources to reduce corresponding concerns?


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