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SubjectRe: ALSA: nm256: Fine-tuning for three function implementations
>> It seems then that you can not get the kind of information you might be looking for
>> at the moment from me (alone).
> No, the patch itself speaks.

Are we still trying to clarify (only) two possible update steps
for this software module?

> If you get more reviewed-by from others, it means already it's safer
> to apply. Then I can take it.

How are the statistics for such tags in the sound subsystem?

> But without that, it's obviously no material to take.

Thanks for such an explanation of your current view.

>> I hope that mailing list readers could offer something.
> Let's hope.

Are any additional communication interfaces helpful?

>> Did this software module become “too old”?
> Mostly the hardware is too old,

Which time frames have you got in mind for acceptable software maintenance?

> or the change itself isn't interesting enough.

This is another general possibility.

>> Can higher level transformation patterns become easier to accept
>> by any other means?
> Only if it's assured to work and not to break anything else.

Have you got any steps in mind for an improved “feeling” or “assurance”?

>> How much does the omission of such an useful development tool
>> influence your concerns?
> Can't judge unless I really see / use it.

I find that there are some options to consider.

>> Would you like to improve the software situation in any ways there?
> I *hope*, but only when it's not too annoying.

Under which circumstances are you going to start working with a continuous
integration system?


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