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SubjectRe: omapfb/dss: Delete an error message for a failed memory allocation in three functions
>> I am not going to “verify” your update suggestion by my evolving approaches
>> around the semantic patch language (Coccinelle software) at the moment.
> As you are sending patches as Markus Elfring

I am contributing also some update suggestions.

> I would expect you take Coccinelle's suggestion into account

The proposed change is based on a semantic patch script which I developed
with the support of other well-known Linux contributors.

> and actually try to understand code before sending patch.

I concentrated my understanding on the concrete transformation pattern
in this use case.

> That suggestion may lead to actual bug in code which your patch just leaves
> unnoticed as it is not apparent from the patch itself

There can be other change possibilities left over as usual.

> (no, not talking about this very patch it all started with)

Thanks for your distinction.

> That said, I'm considering Markus Elfring being a human.

Thanks for this view.

> If you do not like reactions to your patches

I am looking for constructive responses. - Disagreements can trigger
special communication challenges.

> or are interested only in improving tool that generates them,

How do you think about to look at any more background information?

> it would be better to just setup a "tip bot for Markus
> Elfring" and let it send patches automatically.

There is already an other automatic source code analysis system active.

> The way you are sending patches makes impression (at least to me),
> that you spent some time on fixing issue Coccinelle found

Yes. - This view is appropriate.

> and not just shut the warning up.

Additional improvement possibilities can be taken into account
after corresponding software development discussions, can't they?


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