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SubjectRe: omapfb/dss: Delete an error message for a failed memory allocation in three functions
>>>> It seems that I got no responses so far for clarification requests
>>>> according to the documentation in a direction I hoped for.
>>> That's because you are pretty unresponsive to direction.
>> From which places did you get this impression?
> Perhaps from the text that you have written only four lines below.
> All comments are dismissed as "the usual mixture of disagreements and acceptance".

A mixture will always evolve.

* Some acceptance might not need further considerations.

* But the disagreements are remembered differently.
They have got a potential for further improvements in some areas.

> If you look at the patches sent by others, who learn from
> the feedback provided to them,

I am also learning to some degree continuously.

> there are not so many responses on the disagreements side.

How do you think about to look at the details for such an observation?

> So the mixture is not usual.

I find that it can be also a matter of statistics.

> Since you send lots of patches on the same issues,

Yes. - I am trying to fix some implementation details by the means
of source code analysis and corresponding transformation.
The patch count is still growing.

> there should be no disagreements at all at this point.

I got an other impression. The probability for disagreements is increasing
in relation to the number of contributors to which I show change possibilities.

There are also other open issues remaining which can get another
solution somehow.


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