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SubjectRe: [PATCH resend v2 0/3] virt: Add vboxguest driver for Virtual Box Guest integration
On 11/28/2017 04:01 AM, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi,

>> I did have two problems when I tried to build these commits and the one that
>> creates vboxsf.
>> The more serious one is that it is possible to build vboxguest without
>> vboxvideo. When that happens, a non-privileged user cannot start X. As I say
>> in the review, > I think that combination does not make sense and should not
>> be allowed.
> vboxguest and vboxvideo are completely independent at least from the kernel pov,
> I do not believe that making them depend on each other makes sense.
> AFAIK a non-privileged user cannot start X without vboxvideo at all, independent
> of vboxguest being build or not. Falling back to vesa modesetting always requires
> Xorg to be suid root, or the user to be privileged.
> TL;DR: I can add a dependency between the 2, but I would rather not.

Keep in mind that at some point, the newest kernel will support vboxvideo and
vboxguest; however, any distribution package will still need to contain both
kernel modules so that older kernels will work. My test showed that loading an
in-kernel vboxguest with Oracle's vboxvideo fails *unless* you run as root,
which is not acceptable. When both are in the kernel, then Xorg starts for a
non-privaleged user. That is why I think you need either a "depends on
VBOXVIDEO" or a "selects VBOXVIDEO" in the Kconfig for vboxvideo. My preference
is for the latter.

>> When the system is booted, vboxsf is not loaded, and the shared folders are
>> not automounted. Of course, that issue is not germane to these patches, but
>> will be important when vboxsf is merged.
> Hmm, I mount a couple of shares from rc.local (I don't use vbox' automount as I
> want to specify a uid for the files) and as soon as mount.vboxsf gets executed
> the vboxsf module gets auto-loaded as the module contains:
> MODULE_ALIAS_FS("vboxsf");
> AFAIK the communication of which volumes to automount is done through vboxguest,
> anyways I will look into this before submitting vboxsf, in the worst case
> we need to drop a modprobe.conf.d/vboxguest.conf file which has a postinst
> vboxguest
> which loads vboxsf.

Thanks. Adding something of this type will make the in-kernel version match the
Oracle documentation.


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