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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] checkpatch: Add a warning for log messages that don't end in a new line
>> This is a valid false positive that I also missed. However, it can
>> actually be very easily ignored by checking if the format string ends in
>> %pV. There were about 100 cases in my results that match this.
> No, it can't be done that way.
> $ git grep '%pV\\n"' | wc -l
> 56
> $ git grep '%pV"' | wc -l
> 146
> AFAIK: all of the above are correct as-is.

Yes, I'm saying they are correct too. So the script would very easily
notice this and not produce a warning. The first grep you did already
weren't false positives because they ended in \\n and wouldn't have
produced a warning. A very simple change to my patch ignores the second
group. So what's wrong here?


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