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Subject[PATCH 00/18] gpio: mockup: updates for v4.16
The following series contains a number of updates for the gpio-mockup

The most significant changes are:
- rework the way we probe the devices: use a separate platform device
for every mockup chip, pass the chip configuration over platform
data to probe()
- parse the module params in the init function, not in probe()
- extend the debugfs layout for event generation
- improve the module params sanitization
- implement the set_multiple callback

Others are mostly less significant fixes and minor coding style tweaks.

Bartosz Golaszewski (18):
gpio: mockup: add missing prefixes
gpio: mockup: parse the module params in init, not probe
gpio: mockup: verify the number of GPIO chips requested
gpio: mockup: rework device probing
gpio: mockup: implement gpio_mockup_err()
gpio: mockup: remove a stray tab
gpio: mockup: merge gpio_mockup_add() into gpio_mockup_probe()
gpio: mockup: pass the named_lines parameter over platform_data
gpio: mockup: extend the debugfs layout
gpio: mockup: change the type of value field in line state struct
gpio: mockup: group code by logic
gpio: mockup: fix debugfs handling
gpio: mockup: verify that ngpio > 0
gpio: mockup: tweak line breaks
gpio: mockup: implement gpio_mockup_set_multiple()
gpio: mockup: modify the return value check for devm_irq_sim_init()
gpio: mockup: rename gpio_mockup_params_nr to gpio_mockup_num_ranges
gpio: mockup: add helpers for accessing the gpio ranges

drivers/gpio/gpio-mockup.c | 288 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
1 file changed, 166 insertions(+), 122 deletions(-)


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