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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/22] mmc: tmio: various fixes and cleanups
Hi Wolfram,

2017-11-28 2:13 GMT+09:00 Wolfram Sang <>:
>> I am getting more and more patches for TMIO.
>> I put all in a single series to clarify the patch order.
> Hmmm, that makes reviewing harder in my opinion.

I think this depends on people.

You are the maintainer of TMIO MMC, so
I will try my best to adjust to your opinion next time.

> I really liked the small serieses which could be improved, acked, and
> applied. This big one will take much longer to review and resending will
> cause quite some noise.
> For clarifying patch order in small series, it should be enough to state
> the dependencies in the cover letter. Super helpful is providing a
> public git branch where ppl can pull from.
> Also, can you state what kind of testing you did on what platforms?

I have no Renesas boards.

I tested this series on UniPhier boards.
(arch/arm/boot/dts/uniphier*.dts, arch/arm64/boot/dts/socionext/uniphier*.dts)

> My
> gut feeling says that the card detect changes might be easy to catch
> regressions on old platforms, so we'd need to be extra cautious. I/we
> can do testing on some Renesas platforms, too.
> Other changes like moving stuff from tmio_core to renesas_sdhi is less
> critical. Either it works or not, so that is easy to spot :)
> Which might be another argument for multiple smaller patch series.
> Nonetheless, I'll try to get this reviewed in the next days...


> All the best,
> Wolfram
Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada

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