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SubjectRe: 2f47e7e19f ("x86/mm/kaiser: Use PCID feature to make user and .."): WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1 at mm/early_ioremap.c:114 __early_ioremap
I think I narrowed this down.

__native_flush_tlb_single() depends on cpu_tlbstate.loaded_mm_asid
matching what is in CR3. But, while we are still "early" in boot, CR3
has hardware ASID=0, but cpu_tlbstate.loaded_mm_asid=0 which is actually
hardware ASID=1.

So, we have ASID=0 in CR3 and we try to *flush* ASID=1 with INVPCID,
which does nothing for us, effectively missing the TLB flush.

I think we need to steer __native_flush_tlb_single() into the
"!this_cpu_has(X86_FEATURE_INVPCID_SINGLE)" path if we get called before
initialize_tlbstate_and_flush() gives us a "real" ASID in CR3, but I
haven't found a nice way to do it, yet.

We probably also need a debugging warning in there to read CR3 and check
it against cpu_tlbstate.loaded_mm_asid. I'll look at this in some more
detail tomorrow if nobody beats me to it.

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