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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] checkpatch: Add a warning for log messages that don't end in a new line

On 26/11/17 10:09 AM, Julia Lawall wrote:
> I don't know. In any case, a Coccinelle script would get run by the 0-day
> build testing service, which checks lots of trees. Perhaps both are
> useful, since Joe had some conerns about the amount of relevant context
> available in a patch.

Yup, both could certainly be useful. A coccinelle script would likely be
able to catch a few false negatives that might pass through the
checkpatch script. It'll likely have similar difficulties with
KERN_CONTs though.

Also, I don't really know, but it might be tough enabling a script to
run on 0-day with the ~6000 potential errors already existing.


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