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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 06/11] intel_sgx: driver for Intel Software Guard Extensions
> +struct sgx_encl_page {
> + unsigned long addr;
> + unsigned int flags;
> + void *epc_page;
> + struct sgx_va_page *va_page;
> + unsigned int va_offset;
> + struct list_head list;
> +};

This can be without major streches hoops packed way more. There are 12
bits free for use in the addr field. I can use low three bits for flags
and upper nine bits for va_offset.

I think I can also quite easily union epc_page and va_page fields.

With these changes the struct would shrink to:

struct sgx_encl_page {
unsigned long addr;
union {
void *epc_page;
struct sgx_va_page *va_page;
struct list_head list;

I can rework this for v7.


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