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SubjectAbout GPL license compliance of Tesla Model S, Linux kernel 4.4
Hi All,

I want to talk about a potential GPL misuse of the Linux open source
that is used by Tesla Model S. Some months ago, I have read that a
version information of Linux kernel that is deployed into the
commercial self-driving car such as Tesla Model S via (1) the twitter
web page of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and (2) the presentation material of
the Blackhat 2017 presenter Sen Nie as follows.

Oct-05-2016, Twitter, "When we upgrade the core Linux OS to 4.4, which
is probably December"


In case of the embedded device vendors, it seems that the most of the
global vendors have being uploaded related open source software that
are used by commercial products via their open source release center
to keep the GPL compliance as following:

Also, we can download related open sources such as Linux kernel, GCC,
and so on from their official homepage in case of BMW, GM, Ford, and
Toyota cars.

GM -
Ford -
Toyota -

BTW, in case of Tesla, where can we find an official open source
release center to download their Linux kernel source that is deployed
into a commercial self-driving car? I could not find an official web
page of Tesla to download Linux Kernel 4.4 (GPLv2) and other open
sources that are used by Tesla company. And, I can not find the
related Linux kernel source code from
Unfortunately, even though I asked a person in charging on this issue,
they do not reply me any e-mail for 2 weeks. Anyone that already tried
to get their Linux kernel source of Tesla Model S?

As we all know, Linus Torvalds has released his Linux Kernel under
GPLv2 license via
For more details, please visit the below web-pages.

I wonder if they correctly keep the GPL compliance because I am not a lawyer.

Thanks for reading.

Geunsik Lim.


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