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SubjectRe: [PATCH] r8152: disable rx checksum offload on Dell TB dock

> On 24 Nov 2017, at 4:28 PM, Greg KH <> wrote:
> The bcdDevice is different between the dock device and the "real"
> device, why not use that?

Yea, I’ll poke around and see if bcdDevice alone can be a good predicate.

> Then there is still a bug. Who as ASMedia is working on this, have they
> posted anything to the linux-usb mailing list about it?

I think they are doing this internally. I’ll advice them to ask questions here if
they encounter any problem.

> Maybe. Have you tried using usbmon to see what the data streams are for
> the two devices and where they have problems and diverge? Is the dock
> device doing something different in response to something from the host
> that the "real" device does not do?

No I haven’t.
Not really sure how do debug network packets over USB. I’ll do some research
on the topic.


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