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Subjectusbutils 009 release
The 009 release of usbutils happened about a month ago, but I forgot to
announce it anywhere, and also forgot to upload the tarball to until today.

So here's the belated announcement of the 009 release of usbutils. It's
been a few years since the last release, sorry about that, didn't
realize that time had gone by so long.

Lots of small changes for new types of devices were added, and other
structural things were done as well. Full details are in the shortlog

The package can be downladed from

The source tree for usbutils can be found on both and if you want to fork it and send us changes easier:


greg k-h


Bjørn Mork (1):
usbreset: coding style

Emmanuele Bassi (1):
Don't use C99-ism

Greg Kroah-Hartman (22):
usbhid-dump: update submodule to latest version
add usbreset.c example program
update usbhid-dump to latest Don't dump a trace dump if usb.ids is not present

Grueninger, Tobias (1):
USB: usb-devices: Interface number can be a string

Heinrich Schuchardt (1): checkout usbhid-dump

Jaejoong Kim (4):
lsusb : add support for the Encoding Unit Desc for uvc 1.5 device
lsusb: fix alignment for Video Streaming interface desc
lsusb: parse additional control fileds in USB video control interfaces for UVC1.5
lsusb: proper display hexadecimal value for UVC control interface

Jakub Wilk (1):
Fix typos

Jo-Philipp Wich (1):
usbreset.c: import usability improvements from OpenWrt

Justin McBride (2):
Update lsusb.c
Un-indent bVariableSize for Frame-Based Format descriptors

Kylie McClain (1):
Makefile: install pkgconfig file to arch-dependent location

Mathias Nyman (2):
lsusb: Allocate the BOS descriptor buffer dynamically
lsusb: Add support for the USB 3.1 SuperSpeedPlus device capability desc

Muthu M (2):
lsusb: Fix issue with lengthy string descriptors
lsusb: Added support for Billboard Capability descriptor

Nikolai Kondrashov (2):
Update usbhid-dump repo URL
Update usbhid-dump to v1.4

Stephan Linz (7):
travis-ci: add control files borrowed from libusb
configure: remove summary about unused USE_ZLIB
drop unused input file for usb.ids update script
substitute location in lsusb Python script
travis-ci: cleanup before second run
travis-ci: rework
lsusb: remove unused variable procbususb

Tobias Klauser (4):
lsusb: Report correct MaxPower for USB 3.0 devices
lsusb: Request proper descriptor type for USB 3.1
lsusb: Store link state descriptions without preceding space
build: Request at least libusb 1.0.9

Torleiv Sundre (2):
Added support for Platform Device Capability descriptor
lsusb: change endianness of first three fields when printing UUID/GUIDs.

Vianney le Clément de Saint-Marcq (3):
lsusb: Fix UVC STILL_IMAGE_FRAME descriptor
lsusb: Fix UVC VideoStreaming interface header descriptor
lsusb: Fix UVC OUTPUT_TERMINAL descriptor

Vincent Palatin (1):
lsusb: print WebUSB platform descriptor

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