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SubjectRe: [tegra186]: emmc resume failing after booting from snapshot image

On 22/11/17 12:26, Pintu Kumar wrote:
> Hello Jon,
> Yes I raised my query there almost 1 week back here.
> But no response.
> So, I thought to discuss it here.
> May be some pointers may help to find the root cause.
> One point is that, I am able to resume the board with the sd-card, but
> resume from emmc is returning -110 (may be CMD5 timeout).
> Whether there is any difference between sd-card resume and emmc resume ?
> Do we need to check the card initialization sequence for emmc ?
OK great. There should be a team looking at these so please bare with
them. I noticed that you did not state which release you are using for
TX2 and there are two available (r27 and r28.1 [0]), unless I missed it.
So it is worth stating the release you are using.

What command are you using to suspend to disk?



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