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SubjectRe: kernel CI: printk loglevels in kernel boot logs?
On (11/22/17 12:34), Petr Mladek wrote:
> > > > This is espeically useful when ingesting kernel logs into advanced
> > > > search/analytics frameworks (I'm playing with and ELK stack: Elastic
> > > > Search, Logstash, Kibana).
> To make it clear. I understand that "show_loglevel" command line argument
> would be useful for you. But I am afraid that it is not worth changing
> the format. There would need to be wide interest into the change.
> Also there would need to be evidence that the existing solutions
> (dmesg --raw, console_loglevel) are not enough in many real life
> scenarios.

well, I think that that "consoles_format=syslog" command line parameter
will be enabled only by those who actually want to have it - Fengguang's
build robot and kernelCI (+ may be more setups). so I'd probably assume
there are low risks here. may be I'm wrong.

I think it makes sense to have syslog's format "<%u>[timestamp] text\n"
on serial consoles (time stamp when PRINTK_TIME set; <%u> when
consoles_format=syslog set).


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