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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 10/12] arm64: vdso: replace gettimeofday.S with global vgettimeofday.C
On 11/21/2017 10:03 AM, Jeffrey Bastian wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 02, 2017 at 12:22:36AM -0400, Jon Masters wrote:
>> On Nov 2, 2017, at 06:14, Mark Salyzyn <> wrote:
>>> Holding off respin or followup patch until after we get a response
>>> from Jon Masters <> on their QE tests on this patch
>>> series.
>> Copying Jeff Bastian who owns QE. Jeff, can you recall what test was
>> failing when we tried the gettimeofday C rewrite VDSO patches?
> The LTP clock_getres01 test was failing when we tried the initial
> implementation of gettimeofday-in-C. This would be a good place to
> start when testing the new version of the patches.

I ran the test (32 and 64 bit) on my latest work (but back-ported to
4.9) and it passes. I did not change __vdso_clock_getres or the fallback
(syscall) handler in the patch series though, so the failure has me
wondering. Could you re-run the test with latest to be sure, and I will
look into setting up to test with a ToT kernel (after the thanksgiving

Using bionic libc, with advance modifications to utilize
__vdso_clock_getres; required in order to support the test.

NB: in AOSP _today_ bionic does _not_ propagate the errno correctly on
the __vdso_clock_gettime vdso path and will understandably fail the
similar tests. The public rubber stamp of __vdso_clock_gettime code to
support __vdso_clock_getres will not work. errno propagation issue will
be fixed in bionic.

-- Mark

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