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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/10] x86: Add support for running as secondary Jailhouse guest
On 11/15/17 23:26, Jan Kiszka wrote:
> This series paves the way to run Linux in so-called non-root cells
> (guest partitions) of the Jailhouse hypervisor.
> Jailhouse [1] was started 4 years ago as an open-source (GPL) leight-
> weight hypervisor that statically partitions SMP systems. It's unique in
> that it uses one Linux instance, the root cell, as boot loader and
> management console. Jailhouse targets use cases for hard real-time and
> safety-critical systems that KVM cannot cater due to its inherent
> complexity.
> Jaihouse can run bare-metal, free and closed-source RTOSes as secondary
> guests and, with this series, also x86 Linux instances. While ARM and
> ARM64 non-root Linux guests are feasible without extra patches, thanks
> to the high configurability via device trees, x86 requires special
> platform support, mostly to step away from non-existing resources in a
> non-root Jailhouse cell.

Could you please write a single summary about the virtualization holes
in Jailhouse that you are papering over?


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