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SubjectRe: [git pull] drm for v4.15
On 17.11.2017 20:18, Christian König wrote:
> The obvious alternative which we are working on for a few years now is
> to improve the input data we get from the hardware people.
> In other words instead of getting a flat list of registers we want the
> information about where and how many times a hardware block was
> instantiated.
> But getting that proved much more difficult than we thought and yes we
> are working on that for multiple years now.

Well, the good news is that at least for the gfx registers, I actually
have a proof-of-concept script that extracts the required information
from the hardware sources. Generating e.g. a CB_COLOR_INFO(x) macro
instead of CB_COLORx_INFO defines from that is not that hard :)

The real challenge is getting this integrated into the right processes
so we don't have as much of a maintenance burden.

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Aber vergiss niemals, wie sie sein sollte.

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