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SubjectRe: Linux 3.10.108 (EOL)
> > i just wanted to throw some stones on the bloated kernel problem which is
> > increasing
> People used to be working on that, but then it seemed like the "size"
> got to a point that people were comfortable with it. Are you sure that

There's also a lot of pushback to things that add a ton of ifdefs.

> just changing some build options would not make your image smaller?
> Letting people know sometime in the past few years that the kernel was
> getting "too big" for you would have been good to do :)

It's also an increasingly hard problem to deal with because the scale of
big machines means the algorithms themselves in a modern Linux OS just
don't make sense for a tiddly embedded router.

I know lots of people build them that way but if you compare it with one
of the more conservative *BSD builds you have to wonder why not use BSD
instead - especially with nanoBSD ?

(and BSD has the reverse problem - most BSD does not scale to a modern
bigger machine of course).

"1.2.13 was the last true Linux" ;-)

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