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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4.9 086/104] arm64: kasan: avoid bad virt_to_pfn()
On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 09:43:41AM -0800, Josh Hunt wrote:
>I just started noticing the AUTOSEL tags yesterday and I think that's
>a great idea to tag patches, but was there any thought to also putting
>something in the commit message this way they're easily identifiable
>in the git logs? I think it would be useful if there was some metadata
>in the commit message which identified that it was selected through
>some automated system. That way if I find a regression and it
>identifies one of these commits I can know that maybe it was chosen
>incorrectly, and also would allow me to alert the owner of the
>selection script to better help refine its selection process.
>Otherwise I'd have to track back through the mailing lists to see how
>it landed in the stable release.

It's possible, but I didn't want to add a bunch of clutter to the
commit message. Right now it's somewhat easy to track it back to
automatic selection because:

1. I'm signed off on all of them, so I could chime in in the case
concerns/issues arise with a patch.
2. They all have a corresponding review request email with the
AUTOSEL marker.

Keep in mind that what the automatic tools are doing is only
identifying whether a patch "looks like" a patch that should be in
a stable tree. They do not verify that it's appropriate for any of
the stable trees it ends up going to - that's still mostly manual
and all fuck ups are PEBCAK.

>Just a thought. Also, thank you for trying to improve the stable kernels!

Thanks Josh!


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