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Subject[patch V2 00/11] LICENSES: Add documentation and initial License files
This is the second version of the licensing rules documentation.

Changes since v1 [1]:

- Addressing the review comments from Jon, Joe and Jonas:

- Moved the documentation file into Documentation/process, but kept the
topic entry in the top level index file so it stands out. (Joe)

- Changed the license file metatags so they are not overloading
SPDX-License-Identifier (Jonas)

- Cleaned up the inconsistencies in the document (Jon, Joe)

- Added the comment style fior .rst files (Jon)

- Added a few more links and cursed restructured text to make it render
halfways sensible.

- Added the license files for the SPDX tags which are already in tree and
moved GPL-1.0 to the 'other' directory as it really does not belong into
the preferrred category.

- Removed the Reviewed-by tags as they not longer apply.

Please go over it with a fine comb again. I'm sure that I screwed up
something on the way, but me staring more at it doesn't help.

Thanks to everyone who provided input!

It turned out that the original approach was incidentaly close to what the
FSFE REUSE initiative docuemented and I think we are now nearing the point
where we can wear the REUSE sticker if Jonas does not find any other holes
in it. :)




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