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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: x86: inject exceptions produced by x86_decode_insn
2017-11-10 10:49+0100, Paolo Bonzini:
> Sometimes, a processor might execute an instruction while another
> processor is updating the page tables for that instruction's code page,
> but before the TLB shootdown completes. The interesting case happens
> if the page is in the TLB.
> In general, the processor will succeed in executing the instruction and
> nothing bad happens. However, what if the instruction is an MMIO access?
> If *that* happens, KVM invokes the emulator, and the emulator gets the
> updated page tables. If the update side had marked the code page as non
> present, the page table walk then will fail and so will x86_decode_insn.
> Unfortunately, even though kvm_fetch_guest_virt is correctly returning
> X86EMUL_PROPAGATE_FAULT, x86_decode_insn's caller treats the failure as
> a fatal error if the instruction cannot simply be reexecuted (as is the
> case for MMIO). And this in fact happened sometimes when rebooting
> Windows 2012r2 guests. Just checking ctxt->have_exception and injecting
> the exception if true is enough to fix the case.
> Thanks to Eduardo Habkost for helping in the debugging of this issue.
> Reported-by: Yanan Fu <>
> Cc: Eduardo Habkost <>
> Cc:
> Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <>
> ---

Applied, thanks.

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