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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 0/6] perf report/script: Support percent and multiple range in --time option

On 11/6/2017 8:21 PM, Jin Yao wrote:
> v6:
> ---
> 1. Create a new option "--timestamp-boundary" in perf record.
> Currently '--buildid-all' is not enabled by default. So the walking
> on all samples is the default operation. There is no big overhead
> to calculate the timestamp boundary in process_sample_event handler
> once we already go through all samples. So the timestamp boundary
> calculation is enabled by default when '--buildid-all' is not enabled.
> While if '--buildid-all' is enabled, we creates a new option
> "--timestamp-boundary" for user to decide if it enables the
> timestamp boundary calculation.
> Impacted patch:
> ---------------
> perf record: Get the first sample time and last sample time
> 2. Fix the merge issue with the latest perf/core branch.
> No functional changes.
> Impacted patch:
> ---------------
> perf report: support time percent and multiple time ranges
> perf script: support time percent and multiple time ranges

Hi Arnaldo,

Is the v6 acceptable or I need to continue improving?

I'd like to continue improving the patch if it's needed.

Jin Yao

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