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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 0/2] DRM driver for ILI9225 display panels
Hi David, nice to see a new driver.

Den 08.11.2017 04.52, skrev David Lechner:
> This is a new driver for ILI9225 based display panels.
> There are a couple of things that stand out:
> 1. Despite my best efforts, I could not find a name for this display[1], so I
> have made up a generic name for it. If someone recognizes this and has a
> name for it, please speak up. The best documentation I could find was
> here[2].
> 2. There is quite a bit of one-off code copied from mipi-dbi.c. Based on the
> feedback from a previous patch series, I'm guessing that we don't want to
> modify mipi-dbi.c to accommodate the ILI9225 controller because the ILI9225
> controller does not use standard MIPI commands. ILI9225 has it's own
> non-standard command set, but other than that, it pretty much matches the
> generic mipi-dbi driver in all regards.

Yes you're right, I don't want non MIPI code in mipi-dbi, but we can
try and make it flexible for usage with DBI like interfaces.

> Code that could be easily shared:
> a. ili9225_buf_copy() is exactly the same as mipi_dbi_buf_copy()
> - ili9225_buf_copy() is used in ili9225_fb_dirty()
> - mipi_dbi_buf_copy() is static in mipi-dbi.c

You can export mipi_dbi_buf_copy().

> b. ili9225_spi_cmd_max_speed() is exactly the same as
> mipi_dbi_spi_cmd_max_speed()
> - ili9225_spi_cmd_max_speed() is used in ili9225_command() below, so
> would not need to be copied if mipi_dbi_typec3_command() could be
> shared
> - mipi_dbi_spi_cmd_max_speed() is static in mipi-dbi.c

Same here, you can export the function.

> c. ili9225_command() is nearly the same as mipi_dbi_typec3_command()
> - a few unused lines were removed so I didn't have to copy even more
> code, but these would not be an issue if code was shared
> - cmd == ILI9225_WRITE_DATA_TO_GRAM instead of
> d. ili9225_spi_init() is nearly the same as mipi_dbi_spi_init()
> - a few unused lines were removed so I didn't have to copy even more
> code, but these would not be an issue if code was shared
> - mipi->command = ili9225_command instead of
> mipi->command = mipi_dbi_typec3_command
> - this function would not need to be copied if mipi_dbi_typec3_command()
> was modified to work with the ILI9225 command set too

Looks like you can use mipi_dbi_spi_init() and reassign afterwards:
    mipi->command = ili9225_command;

> e. ili9225_init() is nearly the same as mipi_dbi_init()
> - only difference is ili9225_fb_funcs instead of mipi_dbi_fb_funcs

When we get framebuffer flushing trough atomic modeset, we'll use a generic
fb_dirty and at that point it will be possible to use mipi_dbi_init().
The actual flushing will happen in the update callback I guess.

> 3. I haven't tried it, but I believe that it is possible to implement
> DRM_FORMAT_RGB888 directly instead of simulating DRM_FORMAT_XRGB8888.
> I don't know if there would be any real benefit to doing this. I am not
> familiar enough with userspace programs/libraries to know if this mode is
> universally used. And, it will only physically be 18-bit color instead of
> 24-bit but will increase the amount of data transferred by 50% (3 bytes per
> pixel instead of 2). Implementing this would have a side effect of making
> the one-off shared code (described above) more than one-off though.

I have tried it on a display and I couldn't really tell the difference
between 16-bit and 18-bit colors, with X windows at least. And as you
say it's terrible for the framerate.

I'll look closer through the driver later today and see if I have more

Side note:
This controller can also do something called 24-bit 4 wire SPI. It uses a
Start byte the same way that the (only) SPI mode on ILI9320 and ILI9325 do.
I did a test implementation for ILI9325 where I used regmap as the register


> [1]:
> [2]:
> David Lechner (2):
> dt-bindings: Add binding for Ilitek ILI9225 display panels
> drm/tinydrm: add driver for ILI9225 panels
> .../devicetree/bindings/display/ilitek,ili9225.txt | 25 +
> drivers/gpu/drm/tinydrm/Kconfig | 10 +
> drivers/gpu/drm/tinydrm/Makefile | 1 +
> drivers/gpu/drm/tinydrm/ili9225.c | 547 +++++++++++++++++++++
> 5 files changed, 589 insertions(+)
> create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/ilitek,ili9225.txt
> create mode 100644 drivers/gpu/drm/tinydrm/ili9225.c
> --
> 2.7.4

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