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SubjectRe: [PATCH 30/31] dt-bindings: nds32 CPU Bindings
>>> Then having both is not valid. The strings should be in order of best
>>> match to worst match where worst match is typically either older
>>> implementations of IP blocks or generic'ish strings such as "ns16550"
>>> for a UART.
>> Thanks.
>> I would like to explain it more clearly.
>> They are independent ones in implementations.
>> They are implemented based on the same nds32 ISA and architecture spec
>> with different configurations
>> like cache size, page size, cache type(VIPT/PIPT), pipeline stages...
>> Most of them are compatible.
>> They use the same toolchain to build vmlinux which can run on
>> different nds32 cores.
> Du you have a name for the ISA spec that distinguishes it from other nds32
> versions that are incompatible? If you do, this could be written like
> compatible = "andestech,n13", "andestech,nds32v3.0";
> to signify that a an 'n13' core implements the 'v3.0' ISA (will it
> whatever you call the ISA in reality).

Thanks. I got you.
I will use a proper name(maybe 'nds32v3') of ISA in this compatible
string in the next version patch.

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