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SubjectRE: [PATCH v11 14/15] platform/x86: dell-smbios-wmi: introduce userspace interface
> > +/* This structure may be modified by the firmware when we enter
> > + * system management mode through SMM, hence the volatiles
> > + */
> > +struct calling_interface_buffer {
> > + __u16 class;
> Hey Mario,
> I just realized that there is a slight problem calling this identifier
> "class" for userspace that happens to be written in C++ that #includes
> this header as class is a reversed word.
> Perhaps we could rename it to class_ or something otherwise userspace
> has to shim with a C object and extern it with new identifiers to the
> C++ component, which is awkward.


Ah darn, I wish we would have caught this earlier in the series development,
but it's better to do fix it now rather than after the uapi has been included in
a kernel.


I think I should adjust the series for this change to
s/class/cmd_class; s/select/cmd_select/
As ->class is used in many patches in the series, it will require be better to
resend as v12 rather than a single patch that changes this one thing.

I'll send it later this afternoon.


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