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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] backlight: tdo24m: fix the spi cs between transfers
Daniel Thompson <> writes:

> On 06/10/17 20:58, Robert Jarzmik wrote:
> I'm a tiny bit worried about see-saw bug fixing here but nevertheless this
> change looks correct to me.
> Mike's change was eight years ago and it is reasonable to hope that the patch
> was really just working around a (hopefully long fixed) bug in the SPI driver!
Actually I think it's the case.
And the driver bug fix is here :
a52db659c79c ("spi: pxa2xx: Fix cs_change management")

And please don't apply this as there are 2 other LCDs which are affected by the
same issue and reported by Andrea, for which I had not correlated the issue
until yesterday, so I'll have to respin this 2 others files, namely :
- drivers/video/backlight/corgi_lcd.c.
- drivers/video/backlight/tosa_lcd.c.

There 2 other candidates I won't touch as they are not under my maintainance,
and I have no way to test them :
- ili922x.c
- ltv350qv.c

> Acked-by: Daniel Thompson <>
Thanks, but there will be a v2 with exactly the same fix in 3 files.



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