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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/2] ARM64: meson-gxm: Add support for Khadas VIM2
Neil Armstrong <> writes:

> The Khadas VIM2 is a Single Board Computer, respin of the origin
> Khadas VIM board, using an Amlogic S912 SoC and more server oriented.
> It provides the same external connectors and header pinout, plus a SPI
> NOR Flash, a reprogrammable STM8S003 MCU, FPC Connector, Cooling FAN header
> and Pogo Pads Arrays.
> To eventually provide access to the SPI NOR flash, the eMMC DS pin must be
> configured as a different pincrl node to disable it's access from the MMC
> Controller. This first patch splits this emmc pins entry for GXBB and GXL.
> Depends on eMMC ARM64 DT patches from Jerome Brunet at [2]

eMMC patches now merged in mainline, so Appled to v4.15/dt64 with
Jerome's Tested-by,


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