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SubjectAbout commit 901ef845fa2469c ("selinux: allow per-file labeling for cgroupfs")

I have a question about your 4.14 upstream commit 901ef845fa2469c
("selinux: allow per-file labeling for cgroupfs"). With that, I am no
longer able to mount the cgroup2 filesystem with a 4.14 kernel. The
problem is that your commit sets the SE_SBGENFS flag, which causes
selinux to lookup the genfs database for a filesystem type match.
However, the filesystem type "cgroup2" isn't in the genfs database in my
RHEL7 based test system. The "cgroup" filesystem type is in the genfs database,
so I have no problem with v1 cgroup mount.

Do you know where the genfs database is defined? I need some way to add cgroup2
as a valid genfs fstype, or I have to manually back out the commit in order to
do my cgroup2 testing.


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