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SubjectRe: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/13] x86/paravirt: Make pv ops code generation more closely match reality
Josh Poimboeuf <> writes:

> - For the most common runtime cases (everything except Xen and vSMP),
> vmlinux disassembly now matches what the actual runtime code looks
> like. This improves debuggability and kernel developer sanity (a
> precious resource).
> ...
> - It's hopefully a first step in simplifying paravirt patching by
> getting rid of .parainstructions, pv ops, and apply_paravirt()
> completely. (I think Xen can be changed to set CPU feature bits to
> specify which ops it needs during early boot, then those ops can be
> patched in using early alternatives.)

JFYI starting 4.14 Xen PV is not the only user of pv_mmu_ops, Hyper-V
uses it for TLB shootdown now.


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