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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix C++ kernel in include/linux/mtd/mtd.h
On Fri, 2017-10-06 at 14:13 +0200, Pavel Machek wrote:
> > You can change 'C++' to 'C99' too, while you're at it :)
> No. They are C++ comments... as in... dangerous infection that came
> from C++. Yes, C99 is infected, too, but still C++ is original source
> of infection :-).

C++ is a different language, and irrelevant here. You could call them
Java comments if you want, but that would be equally silly. In the
kernel, they are C99 comments. Valid, but not our preferred style
(which is fair enough, unlike our idiotic refusal to use C99 integer
types).[unhandled content-type:application/x-pkcs7-signature]
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