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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kvm, mm: account kvm related kmem slabs to kmemcg
On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 9:28 PM, Anshuman Khandual
<> wrote:
> On 10/06/2017 06:37 AM, Shakeel Butt wrote:
>> The kvm slabs can consume a significant amount of system memory
>> and indeed in our production environment we have observed that
>> a lot of machines are spending significant amount of memory that
>> can not be left as system memory overhead. Also the allocations
>> from these slabs can be triggered directly by user space applications
>> which has access to kvm and thus a buggy application can leak
>> such memory. So, these caches should be accounted to kmemcg.
> But there may be other situations like this where user space can
> trigger allocation from various SLAB objects inside the kernel
> which are accounted as system memory. So how we draw the line
> which ones should be accounted for memcg. Just being curious.
Yes, there are indeed other slabs where user space can trigger
allocations. IMO selecting which kmem caches to account is kind of
workload and user specific decision. The ones I am converting are
selected based on the data gathered from our production environment.
However I think it would be useful in general.

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