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SubjectRe: [Part2 PATCH v4.1 07/29] crypto: ccp: Add Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) command support
On Wed, Oct 04, 2017 at 03:24:36PM +0530, P J P wrote:
> It appears to cross 80 columns limit, throws warnings. Adding
> new line would be consistent with coding style.

The 80 cols rule is not a hard one and checkpatch should not override
common sense. This is a function which maps commands to buffer lengths
and it should be obvious at a *very* quick glance what it does. And that
is best done if it is written in a tabular manner as we do such things
in other places in the kernel too.

Btw, Brijesh, please space out those statements for even better

static int sev_cmd_buffer_len(int cmd)
switch (cmd) {
case SEV_CMD_INIT: return sizeof(struct sev_data_init);
case SEV_CMD_PLATFORM_STATUS: return sizeof(struct sev_data_status);
case SEV_CMD_PEK_CSR: return sizeof(struct sev_data_pek_csr);
case SEV_CMD_PEK_CERT_IMPORT: return sizeof(struct sev_data_pek_cert_import);
case SEV_CMD_PDH_CERT_EXPORT: return sizeof(struct sev_data_pdh_cert_export);
case SEV_CMD_LAUNCH_START: return sizeof(struct sev_data_launch_start);
case SEV_CMD_LAUNCH_UPDATE_DATA: return sizeof(struct sev_data_launch_update_data);
case SEV_CMD_LAUNCH_UPDATE_VMSA: return sizeof(struct sev_data_launch_update_vmsa);
case SEV_CMD_LAUNCH_FINISH: return sizeof(struct sev_data_launch_finish);
case SEV_CMD_LAUNCH_MEASURE: return sizeof(struct sev_data_launch_measure);
case SEV_CMD_ACTIVATE: return sizeof(struct sev_data_activate);
case SEV_CMD_DEACTIVATE: return sizeof(struct sev_data_deactivate);
case SEV_CMD_DECOMMISSION: return sizeof(struct sev_data_decommission);
case SEV_CMD_GUEST_STATUS: return sizeof(struct sev_data_guest_status);
case SEV_CMD_DBG_DECRYPT: return sizeof(struct sev_data_dbg);
case SEV_CMD_DBG_ENCRYPT: return sizeof(struct sev_data_dbg);
case SEV_CMD_SEND_START: return sizeof(struct sev_data_send_start);
case SEV_CMD_SEND_UPDATE_DATA: return sizeof(struct sev_data_send_update_data);
case SEV_CMD_SEND_UPDATE_VMSA: return sizeof(struct sev_data_send_update_vmsa);
case SEV_CMD_SEND_FINISH: return sizeof(struct sev_data_send_finish);
case SEV_CMD_RECEIVE_START: return sizeof(struct sev_data_receive_start);
case SEV_CMD_RECEIVE_FINISH: return sizeof(struct sev_data_receive_finish);
case SEV_CMD_RECEIVE_UPDATE_DATA: return sizeof(struct sev_data_receive_update_data);
case SEV_CMD_RECEIVE_UPDATE_VMSA: return sizeof(struct sev_data_receive_update_vmsa);
case SEV_CMD_LAUNCH_UPDATE_SECRET: return sizeof(struct sev_data_launch_secret);
default: return 0;

return 0;


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