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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] m68k/mac: More printk modernization
On Sat, 28 Oct 2017, I wrote:

> > Any particular reason why you didn't use pr_debug() here? I'm guessing
> > it's because this is not a known pointer value?
> >
> It's because the call to psc_debug_dump() is already conditional on
> #ifdef DEBUG_PSC.
> Having the printk conditional on both DEBUG and DEBUG_PSC would be
> annoying. And I didn't want an unconditional call to psc_debug_dump()
> because I think PSC_DEBUG could become more useful given that PSC
> support is woefully incomplete.

Perhaps PSC_DEBUG should be scrapped in favour of DEBUG. Presently
DEBUG_PSC is set and I think that's useful as long as those drivers are
incomplete. So we would end up with this:

#define DEBUG

#include ...

static void psc_debug_dump(void)

void __init psc_init(void)

In this version, the "#define DEBUG" at the top of the file has obscure
side effects (not just in printk.h) considering all of the headers that
get included, and their includes, and so on. I still prefer the patch that
I sent.


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