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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 0/9] net: dsa: define port types
From: Vivien Didelot <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 11:22:50 -0400

> The DSA code currently has 3 bitmaps in the dsa_switch structure:
> cpu_port_mask, dsa_port_mask and enabled_port_mask.
> They are used to store the type of each switch port. This dates back
> from when DSA didn't have a dsa_port structure to hold port-specific
> data.
> The dsa_switch structure is mainly used to communicate with DSA drivers
> and must not contain such static data parsed from DTS or pdata, which
> belongs the DSA core structures, such as dsa_switch_tree and dsa_port.
> Also the enabled_port_mask is misleading, often misinterpreted as the
> complement of disabled ports (thus including DSA and CPU ports), while
> in fact it only masks the user ports.
> A port can be of 3 types when it is not unused: "cpu" (interfacing with
> a master device), "dsa" (interconnecting with another "dsa" port from
> another switch chip), or "user" (user-facing port.)
> This patchset first fixes the usage of DSA port type helpers, then
> and DSA_PORT_TYPE_USER port types, and finally removes the misleading
> port bitmaps.

Series applied, thanks Vivien.

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