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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 2/2] bindings: net: stmmac: Add documentation for TSN parameters
> About my patches, what I think would be better now would be to
> drop the configuration by DT and integrate the remaining
> configuration, letting the EST parameters be populated by SoC
> specific wrappers.

Hi Jose

The problem with SoC specific wrappers is that you are going to have
to remove them once the real interface is defined. Anybody who uses
your SoC specific wrappers is going to have to re-write their code,
when it all gets ripped out.

You generally don't add device SoC specific wrappers. Imagine if
everybody did that. Lots of different ways of doing the same thing.
My suggesting is to keep your patches out for the moment, waiting for
generic support to be added.


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