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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 00/18] Appended signatures support for IMA appraisal
On Tue, 2017-10-17 at 22:53 -0200, Thiago Jung Bauermann wrote:
> Hello,
> The main highlight in this version is that it fixes a bug where the modsig
> wasn't being included in the measurement list if the appraised file was
> already measured by another rule. The fix is in the last patch.
> Another change is that the last patch in the v4 series ("ima: Support
> module-style appended signatures for appraisal") has been broken up into
> smaller patches. I may have overdone it...
> Finally, I have added some patches removing superfluous parentheses from
> expressions. IMO these patches make it easier (and more pleasant) to read
> the code, and thus easier to understand it. Since I'm not sure how welcome
> the changes are, I split them in 3 "levels" in increasing potential for
> conflict with patches from other people (they can be squashed together when
> applied):
> 1. patch 2 contains the bare minimum, changing only lines that are also
> touched by other patches in the series;
> 2. patch 3 cleans up all the files that are touched by this patch series;
> 3. patch 4 cleans up all other EVM and IMA files that weren't already fixed
> by the previous patches.
> If unwanted, patches 3 and 4 can be simply skipped without affecting the
> rest of the patches. I have already rebased them from v4.13-rc2 to
> v4.14-rc3 and now to linux-integrity/next with very few easy to resolve
> conflicts, so I think they are worth keeping.
> These patches apply on top of today's linux-integrity/next.

This cover letter and the patch descriptions are well written,
explaining what and why you're making this change.  The problem is
that I don't agree that fewer parentheses makes the code more
readable.  When you repost the patches (for other reasons), please
don't include these changes.



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