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SubjectRe: 4.13 (and probably all recent) kernels refuse to boot on one Nokia N950, work or another

> > > Glad you got it working :) For backlight you can add this
> > > in drivers/gpu/drm/omapdrm/displays/panel-dsi-cm.c:
> > >
> > > add the following code at the end of dsicm_probe:
> >
> > You did not actually include code to paste into panel-dsi-cm, can you
> > try a again?
> I added it directly below and you quoted it. I guess you mistook it
> for a signature or something :)

Ahha. Two semicolons confused me, and I thought you were talking about
two different files. My fault. Let me try...

And.. If I catch the bus, I should be at cca 20:15 at the Hilton. We
can meet at the seats where we were hacking...?


(cesky, pictures)
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