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SubjectProposal: single defconfig for all ARM

My proposal is to maintain a common base defconfig file for all ARM
products and only add the additional configs in the new defconfig
I am not sure if this is already possible. If this is possible please
let us know the steps.

For example:
Under arch/arm/configs , there are more than 100 defconfig files.
Now, in many of these defconfig files there could be many similar
CONFIG that my be enabled. Thus many repeated entries.
If we create new defconfig file we end up copying again the repeated entries.

Instead can we do something like this:
1) Maintain common ARM specific CONFIG into: arm_base_defconfig
2) Then in chipset specific defconfig: <chipset>_defconfig
Maintain only new entries.
At the top just include the base config like this:
include arm_base_defconfig

Thus we can avoid repeated entries.
Or can we use something like the VARIANT_DEFCONFIG

Please let us know your suggestions.


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