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SubjectRe: [LTP] [lkp-robot] [x86/topology] 379a4bb988: dmesg.WARNING:at_arch/x86/events/intel/uncore.c:#uncore_change_type_ctx
> > bin/lkp install job.yaml
> [root@hpe-dl385gen10-02 lkp-tests]# ls
> allot daemon filters include Makefile pkg repo spec
> bin distro Gemfile jobs monitors plot rootfs stats
> cluster doc Gemfile.lock lib pack Rakefile sbin tests
> _config.yml etc hosts lkp-exec params setup tools
> [root@hpe-dl385gen10-02 lkp-tests]# bin/lkp install ../job.yaml
> Not a supported system, cannot install packages.
> [root@hpe-dl385gen10-02 lkp-tests]#
> Well that's useful.

Sorry for the late reply, you may have figured it out already, you can
install and run LTP without the lkp framework and that should be pretty
straightforward, then you can just run it by:

'cd /opt/ltp && ./runltp -f cpuhotplug'

Looking at the test it may need a kernel source unpacked /usr/src/linux
as well.

Short HOWTO for building LTP from git is here:

And we do have (unofficional) packages for some SUSE distributions:

Cyril Hrubis

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