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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 2/2] bindings: net: stmmac: Add documentation for TSN parameters
Hi Andrew,

On 26-10-2017 10:03, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>> These parameters may also need to change in runtime depending on
>> the scheduled traffic. Unfortunately, net subsystem does not yet
>> support TSN so this will have to wait and for now we will use
>> fixed parameters.
> Hi Jose
> what you should do is help Linux get support for TSN. Please take part
> in this discussion:

Seems like I don't have this thread saved here. Can you please
add me in the thread?

Thanks and best regards,
Jose Miguel Abreu

> Test the RFC, make sure the concepts will work for your hardware. Make
> you hardware work with these RFC patches. Help drive TSN forward. Once
> the core TSN code lands, then you can post patches for your driver.
> Andrew

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