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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] char-TPM: Adjustments for ten function implementations
>>> Fixes is only for bug fixes.  These don't fix any bugs.
>> How do you distinguish these in questionable source code
>> from other error categories or software weaknesses?
> A style change is one that doesn't change the effect of the execution.

This can occasionally be fine, can't it?

>  These don't actually even change the assembly,

How did you check it?

I would expect that there are useful run time effects to consider
for three proposed update steps (in this patch series).

> so there's programmatic proof they're not fixing anything.

I find that the software refactoring “Improve a size determination in nine functions”
should fit to this observation (while the source code can become a bit better).

> Bug means potentially user visible fault.

Thanks for your constructive feedback.


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