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Subject[PATCH] net: export netdev_txq_to_tc to allow sch_mqprio to compile as module
In commit 32302902ff09 ("mqprio: Reserve last 32 classid values for HW
traffic classes and misc IDs") sch_mqprio started using netdev_txq_to_tc
to find the correct tc instead of dev->tc_to_txq[]

However, when mqprio is compiled as a module, it cannot resolve the
symbol, leading to this error:

ERROR: "netdev_txq_to_tc" [net/sched/sch_mqprio.ko] undefined!

This adds an EXPORT_SYMBOL() since the other user in the kernel
(netif_set_xps_queue) is also EXPORT_SYMBOL() (and not _GPL) or in a

Cc: Alexander Duyck <>
Cc: Jesus Sanchez-Palencia <>
Cc: David S. Miller <>
Signed-off-by: Henrik Austad <>
net/core/dev.c | 1 +
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/net/core/dev.c b/net/core/dev.c
index fcddccb..d2b20e7 100644
--- a/net/core/dev.c
+++ b/net/core/dev.c
@@ -2040,6 +2040,7 @@ int netdev_txq_to_tc(struct net_device *dev, unsigned int txq)

return 0;

static DEFINE_MUTEX(xps_map_mutex);
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