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SubjectRe: Linux & FAT32 label

> Based on results I would propose following unification:
> 4. Prefer label from the root directory. If there is none entry (means
> there is also no erased entry), then read label from root sector.
> --> Reason: Windows XP and mlabel ignores what is written in boot
> sector. Windows XP even do not update boot sector, so label
> stored in boot sector is incorrect after any change done by
> Windows XP.
> But due to compatibility with older dosfslabel, which stores
> label only to boot sector, there is need for some fallback. Due
> to point 1. the best seems to be to process also erased label in
> root directory (marked with leading 0xE5) and fallback to boot
> sector only in case label in root directory is missing.
> What do you think about it?

4. seems dangerous. Assume we have "OLD" in boot sector and "0xe5-EW" in the directory
entry. The label will change from <none> to "OLD" when the directory entry is reused by
"FOO.TXT", right? That seems surprising / dangerous.

(cesky, pictures)

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