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SubjectRe: [Patch 3/6] ARM: OMAP: DRA7xx: Make CAM clock domain SWSUP only
* Benoit Parrot <> [171012 12:29]:
> HWSUP on this domain is only working when VIP1 probes.
> If only VIP2 on DRA74x or CAL on DRA72x probes the domain does
> not get enabled. This might indicates an issue in the HW Auto
> state-machine for this domain.
> Work around is to set the CAM domain to use SWSUP only.

Hmm this you might get fixed automatically by configuring the
parent interconnect target module to use "ti,sysc-omap4" and
adding VIP1 and VIP2 as children to it.

The reason why I suspect it will fix the issue is because
with the parent being "ti,sysc-omap4" with "ti,hwmods" being
in that parent node too, you automatically get PM runtime
refcounting keep the parent active for either child.

Maybe give it a try against today's Linux next and see for
example how it was done for musb:

Just use "ti,sysc-omap2" for type1 and "ti,sysc-omap4"
for type2.



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